Dibble at GivingLibrary.com

The Dibble Institute is delighted to premiere a new video from The Giving Library!

The Giving Library, a project of the Laura and John Arnold Foundation, helps donors give wisely. Dibble is pleased to have been selected for The Giving Library website. We are grateful to all at the Foundation for the gift of such a wonderful video.

To watch, click here.

Money Habitudes 2 for at-risk youth


Money Habitudes 2® for at risk youth

Ideal for grants and community programs, these three active lessons show at-risk youth how hidden attitudes towards money can affect life success. Non-technical and fun, the course is an essential companion to financial literacy training...MORE >>

The Art of Loving Well

Celebrate Spring with

The Art of Loving Well

It’s easier than ever to engage young people in learning to love well. To celebrate Spring, we will include one free copy of the acclaimed anthology Art of Loving Well with every order over $100. Just try to put it down... MORE >>

Dating Safety Tip Sheet for Parents

Dating Safety

Tip Sheet for Parents

Just in time for Spring! From our friends at Child Builders, Houston, a tip sheet to share with parents based on Relationship Smarts PLUS... MORE >>

2nd Wednesday Webinar

May 14th!

Money Habitudes 2®

For At-Risk Youth. Do your students show little interest in learning money management skills? Join us to learn the hidden attitudes ... around money. HERE>>

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